Our beef may be purchased in the following quantities: 1/8 of Beef - $3.50 a pound - $50 deposit 1/4 of Beef - $3.50 a pound - $100 deposit 1/2 of Beef - $3.50 a pound - $100 deposit Whole Beef - $3.50 a pound - $100 deposit - The price is based on the hanging weight of the beef and after processing you will receive approximately 20% less than the hanging weight. 1/8 of Beef is approx. 83lbs hwt =66lbs packaging weight 1/4 of Beef is approx. 165lbs hwt = 132lbs packaging weight 1/2 of Beef is approx. 330lbs hwt = 265lbs packaging weight Whole Beef is approx. 660lbs hwt = 530 packaging weight (hwt = hanging weight or weight before packaging) - All orders will be confirmed 2 weeks prior to the butchering date. - Our whole dressed beef will average 550-650lbs and a quarter will roughly equal 137 to 165 lbs. - 1 cubic foot of freezer space will hold approximately 30lbs of beef. - We also have extra lean ground beef which consists of the whole cow ground, which means all the premium cuts from the cow are added to the ground beef. That is what makes the beef extra lean. The order has to be at least a 1/8 of a cow which is approximately 45-55 lbs of meat. The price is $4.95 a pound. Our beef is processed at a USDA facility.

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